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Nanotechnologie gilt als Schl? sseltechnologie des 21. Jahrhunderts mit enormem wirtschaftlichem Potenzial und unbegrenzten M? glichkeiten. Viele Produkte sind bereits im Handel: Reinigungs- und Nahrungserg? nzungsmittel, Kosmetika, Sportger? te. Bisher ist nicht viel ? ber m? gliche unerw? nschte Wirkungen von Nanopartikeln bekannt.

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B) PL spectra for free CdTe NPs (1), NP chains (2), and ultrasonically broken chains (3). (From Tang, Z. , J. Phys. Chem. B, 108, 6927–6931, 2004. 21B, curve 2). The lifetime of the luminescence in the chains was also reduced. This is consistent with the presence of Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) arising from coupling the transition dipoles of the excited and ground states of a luminophore. The original position of the peak can be restored by physical disaggregation of the chains. In essence, the excitation is transported from one NP to another by excitation doping.

4 I V?? V?? 3 NOR 5 4 V0(V) ? V?? 0 V? V?? 5 V?? V? V0(V) G 3 2 1 2 0 0 1 ? 13 Schemes of logic gates from p-Si (green) and n-GaN (red) NWs for OR (A–C), AND (D–F), and NOR (G–I) operations. (From Huang, Y. , Science, 294, 1313–1317, 2001. ) discussed in this part of the review. 207 Unfortunately, the latter remains a relatively unexplored area. 1 Nanocircuits Similar to conventional circuits, the integration of NWs in predesigned patterns extends their application from single electronic elements to functional devices.

This method yielded line widths of ca. 10-nm resolution and complex bottom-up nanostructures suitable for SET devices. 336 through selective surface modification by a catalytically active SPM tip with a layer of palladium. It induced chemical reactions in a terminal azide and carbamate functional groups of organosiloxane. 338–340 The two-dimensional maps of thiols can be used to facilitate adsorption of NPs in specific areas. 341 functionalized thiols with oligonucleotides and observed selective adsorption of Au colloids 13 to 30 nm in diameter bearing complementary DNA strands.

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