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By Cruz F. R., Mateus G. R., Smith J. M.

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Rewrite the following function so that it accomplishes the same result in a less tricky way. void does_something(int &first, int &second) { first = second − first; second = second − first; first = second + first; } E5. Determine what each of the following functions does. Rewrite each function with meaningful variable names, with better format, and without unnecessary variables and statements. (a) int calculate(int apple, int orange) { int peach, lemon; peach = 0; lemon = 0; if (apple < orange) peach = orange; else if (orange <= apple) peach = apple; else { peach = 17; lemon = 19; } return(peach); } (b) For this part assume the declaration typedef float vector[max]; float figure (vector vector1) { int loop1, loop4; float loop2, loop3; loop1 = 0; loop2 = vector1[loop1]; loop3 = 0.

3. The execution paths through a program segment modular testing comparison interface errors For a large program the glass-box approach is clearly not practicable, but for a single small module, it is an excellent debugging and testing method. In a welldesigned program, each module will involve few loops and alternatives. Hence only a few well-chosen test cases will suffice to test each module on its own. In glass-box testing, the advantages of modular program design become evident. Let us consider a typical example of a project involving 50 functions, each of which can involve 5 different cases or alternatives.

If (initial_response) cout << " (y,n)? " << flush; else cout << "Respond with either y or n: " << flush; do { // Ignore white space. c = cin. = N ); return (c == y || c == Y ); } At this point, we have all the functions for the Life simulation. It is time to pause and check that it works. 6 Drivers separate debugging driver program For small projects, each function is usually inserted in its proper place as soon as it is written, and the resulting program can then be debugged and tested as far as possible.

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A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm to Solve a Multi-level Network Optimization Problem by Cruz F. R., Mateus G. R., Smith J. M.

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