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By Alan Burt Akers

The area Kregen circles the dual suns of Antares, a ways far away from the skies of Earth. but Kregen is the floor on which the Earthman Dray Prescot needs to stand and struggle for all he holds pricey. For Prescot is the unwilling conflict arm of the mysterious famous person Lords who contend for that planet with the strong Savanti. but Prescot's pursuits are his personal, for he has inherited the remnant of a shattered empire and needs to struggle to deliver wish and freedom to all its peoples. through his part stands his princess, Delia of the Blue Mountains, and a band of stalwart partners of many races and species. yet arrayed opposed to him are flying armadas, armed hordes, the wizardry of an excellent scientist, and, so much surprising of all, the fury and metal claws of his personal daughter, Dayra!

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