New PDF release: A Rumor of Angels: Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the

By Peter L. Berger

ISBN-10: 0385066309

ISBN-13: 9780385066303

Influential pupil Peter L. Berger finds 5 indicators that time to the supernatural and its position in a contemporary secular society Acclaimed student and sociologist Peter L. Berger examines faith in twentieth-century Western society, exploring the social nature of data and its impression on non secular trust. utilizing 5 indicators obtrusive in usual life—order, play, wish, damnation, and humor—Berger demands a rediscovery of the supernatural as a vital, wealthy size of humanity. Conceived as a reaction to his influential publication The Sacred Canopy, Berger eschews technical jargon and speaks without delay and systematically to these, like himself, who desire to discover spiritual questions.

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Frederik Elwert thematisiert den Zusammenhang von Migration, faith und Integration am Beispiel einer wenig beachteten Fallgruppe: russlanddeutschen Aussiedlern in freikirchlichen Gemeinden. Als deutsche Staatsangehörige und evangelische Christen entsprechen sie nicht den gängigen Kategorien der Migrationsforschung und erlauben gerade daher neue Einblicke in die Bedeutung von faith für Integrationsprozesse.

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These congresses and theological meetings presented various factors that fostered the development of a Latin American theological production in the 1970s. The conclusion summarizes those factors that were found as crucial in this process of theological maturity in Latin America. CHAPTER TWO MUTUAL PERCEPTIONS The author well remembers Colombia’s independence day of 1969, when together with whole families from the neighborhood, crammed in a tiny living room, everyone watched on a black-and-white television set the first step of a man on the moon.

Schoultz, Beneath the United States, 382. 34 Harrison, The Pan-American Dream, 2. 35 Burr, Our Troubled Hemisphere, 226. 36 Gaspar, United States-Latin America, 13. 37 Seymour B. Liebman, Exploring the Latin American Mind (Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1976), 7. 33 36 chapter two We are persistent to the point of embarrassment in our determination to sell our ideas of democracy and freedom, our materialism, the obsolescence built into our manufactured products, and other tawdry aspects of our value system.

57. ”49 Simultaneously, in the United States the idea of a “Manifest Destiny” was forming. John L. ”50 This “American messianic consciousness,” as Robert T. ”51 For Latin America, this North American messianism has received strong rejection. 52 According to Kenneth S. Latourette, at the end of the nineteenth century, Culturally Latin America and the United States were separated by a vast gulf. The one looked to Latin Europe, chiefly to France, Portugal, and Spain, for intellectual and spiritual fellowship.

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