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The inset figures are the schematic diagrams of the shapes of probe spots. 20 Weilie Zhou et al. (x-stigmator, focus, y-stigamator, focus) should be repeated, until ultimately the sharpest image is obtained (Fig. 17d). At that point the beam cross section will be focused to the smallest point. Generally the compensation for astigmatism is performed while operating at the increased magnification, which ensures the image quality of lower magnification even when perfect compensation is not obtained.

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7. Structural HRSEM Studies of Chemically Fixed CPD-Processed Bulk Biological Tissue High-resolution SE1 imaging of diaphragmmed fenestrae from blood capillaries have been performed using perfusion fixation and delicate CPD procedures in order to correlate with low-voltage (LV) (25 kV) STEM data [22]. Fenestrae are 50–60 nm wide transcapillary “windows” spanned by a thin filamentous diaphragm and clustered together (sieve plate) within the thin attenuated cytoplasm of capillary endothelial cells.

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