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Nagle , J . and Filpula , D . ; "Genes for alkaline protease and neutral protease from Bacillus amylol ique fac iens contain a large open reading frame between the regions coding for signal sequence and mature protein" ; J Bacteriol 159 , 81 1-819 ( 1984 ) KEYWORDS : neutral protease . B . amylol iqui faciens DNA , c lone pGX2109 . Bac il lus amylol ique faciens SOURCE : Printed sequence and draft entry kindly provided by N . Vasantha 05/0 1 /85 . COMMENT : FEATURES : SITES : description to from key description site span key 254 preproneutral protease ( gtg start 1819 pept numbered 1 in [ 1 ) 1 1 refnumbr - > pept codon ) npr eds s i gnal pept start ( gtg start 254 1 917 1816 neutral protease ( putat ive ) matp codo n ) O npr eds signal pept end/propept 335 pept/pept start ( putative ) npr eds propept end/mature pept O 9 17 pept/pept start ( putative ) 1819 1 npr eds mature pept end pept < 7 1 1 bp upstream of PvuI site .

Bac i l lus pumilus DNA , c lone pPL503 . Baci l lus pumilus SOURCE : COMMENT : [ l ] Rl ( cat-86 gene ) and R2 are ident ical i n size and share 91% conservat ion of base sequence . FEATURES : SITES : from site span description key key to description 1 1 numbered 1 in [ l ] re fnumbr pept 145 ) 236 CAT-66 - > pept 145 1 CAT-66 eds start 237 0 CAT-66 eds sequenced/unsequenced pept/pept ORIGIN : 5 bp upstream of PstI site . BACT-27 NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCES BPUCATR2G SEQUENCE : 36 c 49 g 65 t 86 a 236 bp 1 ctgcaggctt tatcgtaggt aaaac tcatg gtagactttg aatggacaga 10 1 tcctcctgaa tacagtaaat cacacattca ggaggagata aaaaatgttt 201 gacgttaact cgatgctcat atagtctggt ggttga aacacatatc tcttgaaagg atgattgtgg tggtgaaaac agataaagtc aaacaaatag atgaaaatta tccgagaaaa gagcac tttc atcattatat BPUXYNA : Bac i l lus pumilus xynA gene coding for xylanase .

57 t SEQUENCE : 217 bp 75 a 39 c ' 46 g ctgcaggctt taacgtaggc aaagc tcatg gtagact t t g aatggacaga aacatgacat atctcttgaa aggatgatta tggtggtgaa aacagataaa 101 gtc tcctcct gaatacagta aatcacattc aggaggatat aaatatccgc gaaaagagca c t ttcatcat tatatgacga taatccgatg ctcatatagc 201 ctggtggtca atctaga BPUCATR2G : Bac i l lus pumi lus cat-66 gene regulatory region R2 . [ DNA] ACCESSION NUMBERS : K01811 DATE : pre-entry 85-01-07 EMBL ID : BPCATR2G REFERENCES : [ l ] ( bases 1 to 236 ) Duval l , E . J . W i l l iams , D .

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