New PDF release: Against the Gods? A Concise Guide to Atheism and Agnosticism

By Stefan Molyneux

Among the poles of robust atheism and strict theism lies agnosticism, the argument that gods are most unlikely, yet can't logically be governed out as completely most unlikely. Agnosticism is taken into account a wary, tentative and medical method of the query of the life of gods - Stefan Molyneux's seminal publication "Against the Gods?" makes a strong case opposed to agnosticism and for the confident reputation of the nonexistence of supernatural beings. "Against the Gods?" presents crucial ammunition to these battling the virus of religion, and clears the psychological fog of the irrational heart floor among atheism and theism. Forword through Dr. Peter Boghossian

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As we can see, since even the existence of a deity is conceptually ridiculous, not even the first domino in this increasingly absurd row falls down. In other words, the propositions of religion do not “require faith,” but rather are simply false – and as a result, since they command obedience and money, they are exploitative, abusive and destructive. com RELIGION AS CHILD ABUSE? In his recent book “God Is Not Great,” Christopher Hitchens asked whether religion was child abuse, but in my view did not provide a very satisfactory answer.

It is generally accepted in society that children are mentally deficient – and in some ways, of course, they are, in language acquisition and the processing of consequences to actions and so on. It is generally considered acceptable in a religious society to teach children that God will reward them for obedience to their elders, and punish them for disobedience. However, we cannot put only children into the category of “mentally deficient,” since there are those with impaired mental faculties either due to a physical brain problem or injury, or due to age- or illnessrelated deterioration.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. A deity must exist (call him “Jeb”). Jeb must have the interest and power to interfere in the universe. Jeb must have the interest and willingness to interfere in human affairs. Jeb must listen to prayers, rather than just read minds. Jeb must only listen to prayers from the members of a particular sect. Jeb must monitor and record good and bad behavior. Ideally, Jeb must punish the members of alternate sects, or those who pray in an incorrect or inconsistent fashion. Jeb must also not reward those who do not give money to his priests – and ideally, punish said folks.

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