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By Poul Anderson

Flandry, right here a captain, undergoes a chain of adventures: he's kidnapped by means of the Scothians, an alien race hoping to invade the Terran Empire; rescues the Emperor's abducted granddaughter; meets Aycharaych, his nemesis in league with the Merseians; and investigates a formerly unencountered alien race that has invaded the far away colonial global of Vixen.

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Uploaders notice: one other ebook i discovered on IRC and cleaned-up and converted.

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35 Eventually Nathaniel discovers, to his horror, that Olympia is a machine. Seductive and threatening, Olympia influenced and prefigured the aggressive female robots of the future, such as the witch robot Maria in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the nuclear bomb–enhanced cyborg in Eve of Destruction (1991), or the nanotechnological TX fembot in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003). Olympia has been alchemically produced by Professor Spallanzani with the help of the evil Coppelius. The Sandman therefore provided the literary prototype of another science fiction icon—the mad scientist, a figure intimately connected with the creation of evil artificial humans.

The techno-apocalyptic Singularity will bring a new, fully autonomous, artificially intelligent species into competition with humanity. Robots will have lives and agendas of their own—an ultimate destiny beyond human control and even understanding. Techno-religious enthusiasts believe that eventually machines will exceed human intelligence and capabilities in all respects. ‘‘By performing better and cheaper, robots will displace humans from essential roles. Rather quickly, they could displace us from existence,’’ says Hans Moravec in his 1999 book Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind.

Rather quickly, they could displace us from existence,’’ says Hans Moravec in his 1999 book Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind. ‘‘I’m not as alarmed as many by the latter possibility, since I consider these future machines our progeny, ‘mind children’ built in our image and likeness, ourselves in more potent form. . ’’ 28 After the Cyber-Armageddon, a new species—Robo sapiens—will rise up to rival and ultimately supersede Homo sapiens as the next step in evolution. The god of technology—having incorporated the best survival characteristics of humanity—will create a new generation without human intervention.

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