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By Janet Wright Starner, Barbara Howard Traister

ISBN-10: 0754669491

ISBN-13: 9780754669494

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Another Heer lyes on dead under this marble stone who when she liv’d lay under more then one. Another Upon her stone write this (yet, dost thou heare At the QDPHRIVWRQHVKH¶OULVHDJDLQH,IHDUH«  S A reader of Folger MS V. a. 345 appears to have been uncomfortable with this third epitaph, especially the invocation of a name in the second line. The epitaph has been scribbled through, rendering the second “stone” almost illegible. The dynamic of this series is one in which Penelope Rich’s identity is also HUDVHG (YHQ WKRXJK 3HQHORSH¶V QREOH VWDWXV PDNHV WKH DWWDFN PRUH SRLQWHG and provocative, it is precisely that noble status that the epitaphs challenge.

Although the libeler argues disingenuously that the panegyric style and genre could not be Corbett’s, for Corbett “would provide his verse mighte bee / Perfect DQGURXQGZLWKRXWDOONQDYHU\´KHVWLOOLQVLVWVWKDWVW\OHDQGJHQUHDUHHVVHQWLDO clues to an author’s identity. $QRQ\PLW\WKH³$SRORJHWLFNULPH´DUJXHVFDQQRWGLVJXLVHWKHFKDUDFWHURI an author, even though it can hide an author’s name. This convenient equation, espoused by many anti-libelers intent on discrediting the opponents they could not name, is also found in another anti-libel ascribed to Richard Corbett on page 107 of the Folger manuscript.

A. 345 can be found elsewhere, especially in other manuscripts with ties to Christ Church. The thematic OLQNVDQGHFKRHVLQ)ROJHU9DDUHQRWXQXVXDOHLWKHU

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