Celebrate Public Health Week

The Ohio Healthy Food Finance Movement encourages our Supporters to celebrate Public Health week beginning April 6th – April 12th. This year’s theme, and the goal of the public health community, is to make the “U.S. the Healthiest Nation in One Generation – by 2030.” To learn more visit the Ohio Public Health Association’s website at http://www.ohiopha.org/.

One way the U.S. can become a healthier nation is to increase communities’ access to affordable healthy foods. In Ohio, the Healthy Food Finance Initiative is working to do just that. We need your support and involvement.

Post the following social messages on your website.

Option 1: Over two million Ohio residents, including more than half a million children, live in lower-income communities underserved by supermarkets. Learn what’s in store for the families who live in these neighborhoods. http://ohhealthyfood.heart.org/ Option 2: Healthy food financing programs assist in increasing access to affordable, healthy foods for adults and children. Learn how this program can work in Ohio. http://ohhealthyfood.heart.org/

Let us know how you were able to share these important messages.

Together, we can bring change to healthy food access in Ohio!

Contact me for additional information. http://ohhealthyfood.heart.org/
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